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8500 Cedarhome Dr, Stanwood WA


Mon - Sat:  8AM -5 PM

• Dental floats

• Digital Imaging (Radiology & Ultrasound)

• Artificial Insemination

• Lameness Evaluation & Joint/Nerve Blocks

• Joint Support & Medication

• Upper Airway Endoscopy

• Colic Examination & Treatment

• Neonatal Exams

• Health Certificates / Coggins for Interstate & International Travel

• Prepurchase Exams

• Insurance Exams

• FEI Passport Completion

• Neonatal Exams


For your horses:

Make an appointment today for your cows, horses, small ruminants, camelids, and other small animals. Put your trust in our knowledgeable staff.


Large animal emergency Services 24/7 - 365


Press 0 for the answering service. If you do not receive a call within 20 minutes, please call the answering service again.

For your small animal pet emergencies please call:


Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital,




VCA Veterinary

Specialty Center,





Pet Emergency Center,

Mount Vernon



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Northwest Veterinary Clinic of Stanwood is proud to offer comprehensive preventative healthcare including custom vaccination and deworming programs tailored to the needs of your horses.  We are also pleased to offer Total Health Plans which include the Spring & Fall farm calls, vaccinations, fecal egg counts & dewormers and wellness exams.  Enrollment in the Total Health Plan also provides for additional discounts on other non-standard vaccines and additional farm calls and services when your horse becomes sick or injured or just needs routine dental care or a sheath cleaning.


As an added benefit to enrollment in the Equine Total Health Plan, if you feed your horse an eligible Platinum Performance feed supplement daily, your horse qualifies for enrollment in Platinum Performance's EQCO program which provides a minimum of $8000 reimbursement if your horse requires colic surgey.


For our equine athletes we provide a range of services including lameness evaluations, joint injections / sports medicine and the latest in on-farm digital diagnostic imaging.  Other services we provide include field surgery (lacerations & geldings), evaluation of skin conditions and nutritional consultation.


Our doctors are thoroughly experienced treating a wide variety of infectious diseases, metabolic problems, skin & allergy sensitivities (dermatology), laminitis, arthritis and other joint problems.


We have a state-of-the-art point of care laboratory on-site which provides us with blood values & organ function information in minutes.  In addition, we utilize a large outside diagnostic reference lab for additional testing.

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