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Robin serves as our small and large animal veterinary assistant, inventory manager, and our “fix it” person.  Prior to her coming to the Clinic in 1997, she worked with Dr. Harold Warsinske, a retired partner of Northwest Veterinary Clinic, in his embryo transfer business.  She has specialized training as a Bovine Artificial Insemination Technician.


Robin is actively involved with the Stanwood/Camano Community Fair & Elder Care.  She is an avid back country trail rider and camper with her horses.   Robin also loves to spend time with her family, especially her seven grandkids.  She has a small farm consisting of four dogs, three cats and six horses.


Robin is passionate about all kinds of animals so by working in our veterinary practice, she not only gets to surround herself with a variety of four-legged critters, but she also gets to help in providing the health care they need.

Our Veterinary Nurses

Robin O., Veterinary Assistant

Robin O., Veterinary Assistant


Marissa L., LVT

Marissa is one of our two Licensed Veterinary Technicians.  She joined our team in 2013 and ensures that the doctors have any instruments they may need during surgical procedures and is also responsible for the monitoring of critical care patients and patients recovering from anesthesia.  Marissa graduated from PMI in 2013 and also received her Livestock Master Education through WSU.


Marissa volunteers with the Stanwood FFA, local 4-H groups and a campfire club.  She enjoys time spent with family and friends and it only gets better if you can throw in a country music concert!!!  She has several pets at home including Dalton (horse), Phigaro (cat), Clairece (dog) and Becky (Jersey cow)


Growing up, Marissa was always surrounded by a variety of critters from turtles to cows and during her formative years, had shown animals in FFA and 4-H.  Nothing brings her more satisfaction than being able to help other peoples' pets in need.


Kimi joined us in May 2014 after having completed an internship at Northwest Veterinary Clinic through the PIMA Medical Institute.   She received her certification as a veterinary assistant in 2014 and we are proud to welcome her as our newest licensed veterinary technician by successfully passing the national examination in 2017.  Her primary interests include animal nutrition as it relates to veterinary medicine and how it affects the overall health of your pet.  


As a student, Kimi always enjoyed science and helping animals in need which helped steer her career choices.  As things turned out, being a veterinary assistant seemed like a perfect way to combine those two loves.  Kimi has an upbeat personality and likes to keep busy - always looking for something to do - making her a valued member of our team.


In her spare time, Kimi enjoys reading and hiking or swimming with her miniature Dachshund, Duncan.  She also enjoys the company of her young Tortoiseshell cat named Sophie who doesn’t go swimming with her and Duncan.

Kimi K., LVT


Elizabeth G., Veterinary Assistant

Liz is our other Veterinary Assistant.  She joined our team in 2015 and assists with outpatient procedures and examinations, submission and sample preparation for lab analysis and filling prescriptions.  Liz has a variety of interests in veterinary medicine and can't pick just one!!!   She has worked with local 4-H groups and has also provided pet-sitter services for local people going out of town.


When not working, Elizabeth can usually be found riding her horse, being outdoors, hiking, enjoying water sports and camping and listening to music.  She has a two pets - Sky (horse) & Milo (cat).


Liz decided to enter the veterinary profession because she enjoys helping people and being an advocate for animals.  Few things give her more joy than the personal satisfaction of helping heal an injured or sick animal.

Flor G., Veterinary Assistant

Flor graduated from Skagit Valley College in 2015 and has been a fabulous addition to our staff.  In her spare time Flor enjoys acrylic painting, photography, arts & crafts and cooking.  She has a Siberian Husky/MalamuteX named Aneka that LOVES going on hikes!!!


Flor decided to pursue a career as a veterinary assistant focusing on small animals and would also like to be involved with conservation work for threatened species.

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