Bookkeeper/Benefits Assistant

Angie joined our team in January 2020 as our Bookkeeper/Benefits Assistant. Angie grew up in San Antonio, Texas where her Dad was a trainer for the Department of Defense training bomb and drug dogs. His care and dedication taught her to admire and respect those hard-working animals. Their home was never without either a dog, cat, fish, or tarantula. Angie cherishes every moment she gets to spend with her family. They moved here from Michigan in 2009 and they fell in love with Washington. Angie’s husband has a love of hiking and would do his best to drag them up every mountain. Angie’s daughter will be graduating from Stanwood High School this year and her Son will be a Freshman next year. Angie has a very diverse household with hamsters, a conure (Tobey), and crested geckos who produced many eggs. She was very excited when two of the eggs were a success and they had gecko babies. They currently have a rottweiler/lab mixed (Harley) and a terrier mix (Hazel). Her three cats are Izzy, Zumie & Mavis.