Veterinary Assistant

Angie joined our team as an extern in April 2019 and then officially hired June 2019. She will be graduating from Pima Medical Institute in Seattle in June 2020 as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Angie is fear free certified and a member of SCNAVTA and WASART. She is particularly interested in the following areas of Veterinary medicine: Emergency and critical care, wildlife rehabilitation and conservation, and the human-animal bond and how it affects geriatrics and hospice care. Angie coached youth football for 6 years, and was also a volunteer youth group leader for her church for 6 years. She has also volunteered at the Everett Animal Shelter and Forever Home Dog Rescue. Angie loves spontaneous adventures, being and playing outdoors, watching and playing sports (especially football), making and eating food, family game nights, summer BBQ’s, and bonfires. She has 4 dogs, 1 cat, 1 bearded dragon, and 2 cockatiels. Angie decided to pursue her Veterinary career because of passion and compassion. She was an accountant for 20 years, and while it paid better than a veterinary career, it was not fulfilling. She has a huge heart for animals, and people who love them.