Northwest Veterinary Clinic of Stanwood is proud to offer comprehensive herd health programs including custom vaccination and parasite management programs tailored to the needs of your livestock. We are also pleased to soon be offering a consultation service for Small Farm Management which will entail a walkthrough of your property and an evaluation to identify areas of concern with respect to nutrition and vitamin/mineral supplementation, animal housing & stocking density, manure & waste management, biosecurity and disease prevention.

For our livestock clients we provide a range of services including fresh and dry cow management, obstetrics, field surgery for cesaerian sections & displaced abomasums, dehorning/debudding, evaluation of skin conditions and pregnancy diagnosis.

Our doctors are thoroughly experienced treating a wide variety of infectious diseases, metabolic problems and poor production including production economic analysis to assess feed costs and production loss due to factors like mastitis & poor fertility.

We utilize a large outside diagnostic reference lab for the majority of our diagnostic testing.

For your farm animals:

  • Dairy Herd Health
  • Replacement Heifer Management
  • Parasite Control Programs
  • Reproductive & Obstetric Services
  • Nutritional Evaluations & Counseling
  • Goat & Sheep Flock Management
  • Dehorning / debudding
  • Health Certificates
  • Surgery
  • Biosecurity Consultation

Feel free to contact us at (360) 629-4571 if you need any assistance.