Patient Services Coordinator/Marketing

Hailey joined our team in October 2019, but she has been with the company since March 2019 at our Mount Vernon Sister Clinic. Hailey has worked in the veterinary industry since 2015 as an Assistant and Client Service Representative. Hailey is extremely family-oriented and enjoys spending time with her loved ones and her kitty. She spends her spare time video blogging and doing theatrical hobbies and makeup. During the summer, she spends her weekends working at her family farms produce stand at the Arlington Farmers Market. She is head over heals for her precious fur baby, Tiger Lily. If you ever want to talk cats, she is the one to go to! She also is obsessed with her chickens, they currently have 20+ at the farm and she loves learning about chickens and has had many successful incubation’s and hatching’s of baby chicks. Hailey is very passionate about working with animals and making them feel comfortable and less fearful in a veterinary setting. She has always felt so connected with animals and strives to maintain a positive experience for them and their owners when they come into the clinic.